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Jarrie Love's Certificate of Appreciation
Billy Duke receiving his Life Membership in the Marine Corps League courtesy of the Pineywoods Detachment

Bryan Hatten was presented with a Life Membership in the Marine Corps League at the 2008 Marine Corps Birthday Ball, courtesy of the Pineywoods Detachment for his service to the Detachment.

Meritorious Life Membership
Bryan Hatten

Semper Fidelis is the motto of the United States Marine Corps. It means "always faithful," and that describes Bryan Leroy Hatten with two Ts.

Hatten is a veteran of both World War Two and the Korean Conflict and has earned the right to limit his participation in the Pineywoods Detachment, of which he is a charter member. But that is not his way. Despite his tender years, this "feisty old warhorse" regularly makes meetings, and is present at many of the Detachment's functions, often at his own peril. He recently was released from the hospital to stand a post during the Piney Woods Fair, only to have to return to the hospital as a result. Such is the dedication of this Marine.

For his tireless dedication to the United States Marine Corps, the Department of Texas, and the Pineywoods Detachment, we are proud and honored to present to Bryan Leroy Hatten a Meritorious Life Membership.

Jarrie Love's Certificate of Appreciation